Last Night in HK & Jessica C.

last night in HK….time to go home… we had eat a lot ….this japanese resturants ALL U CAN EAT….is…really good… im surprise you can actually has high quality ALL U CaN EAT in HK (LKF) for just 170.00 HKD each person.. vry fresh…but the place was toooooo smallllll….too packkkk.. and of course Jessica C & … Continue reading


another pic taken by F1.1 50mm w/ my M8… u see more…of Peekabooooooo

mickey & F1.1 50mm

new mickey toysss n…new lens F1.1 is crazzzzzzy


another classic resturant need to check out….澳洲牛奶公司 classic store, only one kind of food to order during breakfast time… this is what you can order…and once u ordered….20 seconds, it will hit your table… classic logo….and innovation… classic bottles of milk…. =) Time to go homeeeeee (back to work)


ONEWAY x WRONGWROKS, been planning for long time, and finally its the right time to launch, stay tuned….crazy projects along from now on ! ps. (this guys is Owner of ONEWAY, he like to be low profile so i said, lets take a outfo(out focus) photo….)


went to TST for the IRONMAN HOTTOYS Exhibition …all custom made by local / international artist…crazy craftmenship.. my buddy ERIC SO has made a simple twisted on the FACE of IRONMAN but he did a new TONY STARKS figure on the chair with his own SOFUN doll…..COOL! i always admire ERIC SO’s 12″ figures…i wish … Continue reading

Best Vietnam Noodles

i eat Vietnam food all the time in Vancouver, its good coz its really made by real Vietnamese ….(well u know nowadays Chinese made JApanese food, and then Indian made sushi or whatever, its kinda weird…) we went to this resturant in Tin Hou , (Hong Kong) and i saw this Tomato Beef Noodle…(first of … Continue reading

芝士麵 & 谷德超

芝士麵 (Cheese Instant Noodle) @ TST, the best instant noodles….and its in the most most camera treasure mall…u know ? where u can find all the Hasselblad, Leica, all the lens…. =) i don’t remember what it called but they probably don’t need a name , coz their store is covering up with all the … Continue reading


another meeting last week with HOWARD from HOW2WORK…he has been very very busy working on the IRONMAN 2 life size figurine and also lots of other projects……and our Peekaboo figure finally is done…in the production shape….what is the other colorway guys?!? not mentioned about that…the new BAPE MILO COIN BANK figure is the latest production … Continue reading