finally we have launched the plaid shirt made with ONEWAY, the brand from Los Angela is now based in Hong Kong and making some very nice gears and apparels….its taking almost a year to get this done, produce, photoshoot with Jessica C. , and totally supported by TOUCH magazine Hong Kong.

Trying from numerous of plaid material and settled with this premium quality fabric, nice plaids and the best surface with the polkadots silkscreened on top, it has acheive the best effect overall.

the first launched with 2 styles, the polkadots and the original dora series, for the polkadots we have black plaid shirt and pink…all plaid shirts come with 5 size (XS / S / M / L / XL )

here is the sizing chart, all plaid shirts are unisex, Jessica C. in the photo wearing XS.

besides the nice plaid shirts, we have 2 caps launching this time…. the RED / WHITE colorways of Japanese logo saying “SUPERBORED”.

and one of the best selling cap series the Silver version of WW (WRONGWROKS)

Enjoy ! cope the caps @ CAPS SECTION & Shirts @ our new SHIRTS section !

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