Dr. Martens x Sanrio Hello Kitty Melody !?!

i saw this on internet….Sanrio and Dr. Martens are teaming up for a new collaboration debuting this Fall….SO CRAZY ! The limited edition collection will hit stores beginning September 1st, just in time to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Sanrio and to continue Dr. Martens 50th Anniversary celebrations (which started on April 1st). The exclusive … Continue reading

ELLEN PAGE > Inception

a new movie directed by Christopher Nolan (Dark Knight )…crazy ideas…can be …..with Leonardo DiCaprio leading the cast ….is pretty attracting…….im like “i want to see this movie !” and then i saw Ellen Page in the trailerrrrrrrr… i need to see it ! NOW! sometimes u like someone without a reason…..the moment i saw … Continue reading

ウロングロックス (WRONGWROKS)

ウロングロックス (WRONGWROKS) Quality of Mesh Caps. WRONGWROKS + SQUAD = The Best Designed Mesh Cap with Premium Quality. Black / Neon Pink  or  Carbon Grey / Flourcent Green ? Both !