2010 Hong Kong Bookfair kicked off few days already and we are just waiting someone “special” to show up !

here we go JESSICA C !

well because the “models” are not allowed to sign or sell anything, she can only show up and do interviews…

so there is 2 style of tees WRONGWROKS designed for the JESSICA C’s “JUST JESSICA C” photo album…

Style A : Jessica C. with bikini ! Sexy but still very elegant !

close up with bikini-jessica C.

Style B : Jessica C. playing with balloons, cute and pretty….

Closed up with Balloon style….

back design with some info about this collabo, as you can see “ONEWAY” is part of the Hong Kong production, so if you in book fair, you are getting the T-shirts made by ONEWAY, if you get it from us, its made by WRONGWROKS, its a co-collabo projects.

its available for a limited -timing @ our webstore now

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