welcome to summer in Hong Kong.

apparently, how does BLACK RAIN feel ? well it feels like we are in the “SHOWER” where we were outside walking down the street, and everyone is running around and imagine there is no way to turn it off ….

actually, my SHOWER is not as powerful as “black rain” , check out my shoes.

it should be olive green, but now its black with polkadots…..GREAT !

One Response to “BLACK RAIN”
  1. GarY says:

    Tony~~ This is Gary~ You are in HK? o man… i was in HK too~ it was fun!! but not so much with the RAIN…. i was outside during the BLACK RAIN… SHIT!!! so crazy….. it was fun^^ didnt know you were there otherwise you could take me to eat some delicious FOOD~!! c u in 604~

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