check out the newest issue of “HIM” magazine from HONG KONG, its featuring JESSICA C. and her newest photo album “JUST JESSICA C.”

lots of nice photos from her newest album…

im very surprise one of the photo wearing “WRKS” caps !!

some message actually from JESSICA C. :

I feel i need to make a note of this because every time i try to say how thankful I am i get so emotional.. and then everything doesn’t come out exactly the way i want it to.. so let me begin

I know I am always saying that i tried really hard to make a beautiful book for my fans.. but It wasn’t just me.. in fact the team i worked with to make the book couldn’t have been more wonderful!! Jerry, Denise Erich, Ricky, Ana, MC, even Anthony and Martin 😉 Will and Dt.. and soo many others who helped in producing this album!!! I love you guys.. you have made such a huge mark on my heart and I am so grateful to have worked (played) with you!! So many funny memories!!

My Agency Modelone, my very busy busy behind the scene bees hehehe!!
Christine, Amy, Ceci, Gloria, May and Elaine!!! You all are like family to me!!
you all work so hard for me and I am truly thankful to be so close to everyone in my agency! p.s. Debb I miss you and haven’t forgotten about all that you have done for me too!!

Wrongwroks!! Wow your support and all you do for me I can’t thank you enough!!! The shirts are so cool and awesome!! I really appreciate all you do for me!!

Thanks for all you hard work and support fantastic job!! Thank you so much APM for allowing me to have my book signing there because i reallllllly wanted to be able to meet the fans!!!

My family, Mom Dad, Auntie, Tara and CHristine, my boyfriend Sergio.. your unconditional love is what keeps me strong and motivated! I love you more than words can describe!!

Thanks for the laughter and support WILDCHILD!! LOVE YOUR MUSIC! you guys rock!!

Dora thanks for doing my hair and makeup on this important signing day!!
Nice work =D

and last but NOT least.. to all of you who support me.. my Fans!! Life being away from home isn’t always easy for me.. But seeing you or knowing that I have your support makes me feel like what I am doing is worth it!! It’s not just about the money.. of course thats a part of it.. BUT the other part is about entertaining and making you happy!! I’m sorry i may not always be able to take a photo or sign something for you but just know that i really want to and inside my heart I appreciate the support from each and every single one of you!!

I am so lucky in Hong Kong for everything that is happening. I am learning so much about myself and am striving to become better and better.. not just for me but for everyone.. it just goes to show that Dreams can come true and there are so many possibilities in life!! Don’t give up and try hard and SMILE!!!

Life is incredible.. “JUST” incredible!!

Lots and Lots of Love ♥ Jessica C.

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