had a chance to stay in PENINSULA, its the best stay i have ever had….to be honest…its my dream Hotel since i was a kid in Hong Kong…

its one of the oldest hotel in Hong Kong but its surely one (or the top) of the best !

i missed the PHANTOM rides =P

the view from the Suite…

my toys on the go….totally need some gears to shoot around in this special suite !

Room Service for brunch is terrific but i chose to have it in the historical lobby

fruits plate, cereal, american style brunch and croissant ….so full

what about PENINSULA SPECIAL “CLUBMAN” edition “PEN1” s shopping ride within Hong Kong ?

special edition with this special made suitcase box on top and the inner leather and cover is all made specially for this “PEN1”

our destination is “The Peak” ! ( the last time i came here is about 13 years ago !?)

again, this trip i had do a few tour around Hong Kong….less shopping, more site seeing…its beautiful..its just too packed.

its better to see it from the FERRY !

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