here i come ! because  a very very good deal to Beijing,  we decided to take our first trip to this special place, BEIJING !

its super Hot in Beijing, its about 40c and super dry…its like Vancouver but it burns even faster (on skin) , this car looks very cool but i bet its super HOT inside…(metal car….)

Mercibeaucoup Phone pole……LOL

some classic historic place “must” check !

check out this guy looks like someone from that decade and i was pretty surprise (not by how he wore) by what he wore, not the wardrobe, the mp3 player !! (guess what was he listening to…..)

this picture is so “china”

during our SPICY Dinner, we had someone on stage performing….

hardcore dishes, hardcore performance…. @_@

變臉 …. he actually went down and did it right infront of us… crazy…i can’t see it at all, its SO fast…

my little “fan” with me during this entire trip…..

ps. love my bowtie – Roberu Camera Tee ? (this week @ SUPERBORED!)


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