Do you love shopping at BRAG GARDEN? (or just WRONGWROKS?) here is a tee to show your loyalty ! comes in black and white colorways…and it comes in SUPERBORED PAPER BAG version and BRAG GARDEN Paper Bag version !

Model wearing XS.

Available in White & Black (check it out on the shopping page)

Not just SUPERBORED , we got one for BRAG GARDEN too !

ROBERU x WRONGWROKS VOL. 2, finally instore and available on webstore….comes with blue / red bow-tie version !

Dont sleep on this, we got whole bunch of emails just for this t-shirts…

its been quite a long time without Dudu’s photo tee, so this time we got Dudu x 4 selfsnap shots for u on 1 TEE !

a tailor made t-shirt for JESSICA C. and for those who named after ” JESSICA”…here is tailor made for you or your friends who call JESSICA ! SURPRISE HER !

something totally brand new for this summer ! Tired of playing puzzles…? lets build our own head ! we need someone over 20 years old to get this done ! JUST KIDDING ! This is something very colorful….comes with WHITE / YELLOW / RED / BLUE and BLACK (Metalic shinny printing ! Special edition )

a continuation from the cupcake series, we got some PURIN & FRIENDS! (pudding in Japanese calling) Her name is (PEEKABOOOO HIDDING !) PEEKA-PURIN-CHAN (JAPANESE) we got 2 styles for the newseries, check out each of them in T-shirt section, each style comes in black / white colorways.

anyways, its all on the webstore now , check it out HERE !

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