More from Beijing…

let me tell you, if hypebeast said this is going to be the hype of 2011, lots of people gonna follow.


i saw this in their washroom….hmmmmm interesting…. =P

The duck is great… the name said…DUCK KING


let me tell you how well the CHINESE doing their “business”, what about History of the Kings in playing cards ? (i bought this..)

i don’t get it, i mean, i understand you can buy MAO’s poker, you can get KING’s POKER or histroic of this palace or whatever, but

why KOBE BRYANT & Michael Jackson Poker??


the old chinese guy whose selling these items…i said…

“do u actually know who is lady gaga ?”

the old man :

“yeah ! GA GA GA GA ”

me :


some great palace to check out….(its actually a very good learning trip about the chinese histories…)

let me tell you, the KING is coming for the daily walk…

! ! !


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