WRKS x SDGH BACKPACK : 8 . 20 . 2010

finally, here is all the photos…..the super detailed backpack…..with 3M logos on the top cover, while u walking outside

with rain or sun, its super cool ! with the reflective material , its water proof.

the reflective purple strap make it look stunning ! and the soft cover at the bottom with embrioded logo… check out both side with a net pocket for umbrella or your water bottle.

comes in black, its SHADOWGRAPH’s version ! all black, still stunning with the reflective darkness

without the 3M WW logo, it has the leather SDGH label on top

nice pads and cushions strap make your journey easy, its supportive pad make u don’t feel the “weight” in the bag.

very well designed strap and pads make you feel comfortable during the trip or everyday use or school

black is cool with the darkness and strong contrast purple strap

this very nicely made project proudly designed by WRONGWROKS, produced by the excellent producer SHADOWGRAPH.

2 colorways, this aint cheap and easy broken backpack, its nice and super high quality.

8.20.2010 , online and available only @ SUPERBORED / BRAGGARDEN.

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