Silly “Bape” Thing

a brand new project by TK’s SILLYTHING  – ” SILLY BAPE THING”….sounds very interesting.. its a project by SILLY THING re-created the best APE “classic” design and got the original BAPE supporters to featuring…like Jan Lamb Shawn YU Wing Shya as the series’s photographer…. VERY EXCITED !

DuDu x NEX3 x Superbored Apparel Fall/Winter

a quick photoshoot day (2hours) considering thats shot for half of the season of SBF’s fall and winter collection….I wanna try shooting the whole thing just with NEX-3….see how it goes… show you guys more photos later…its a great camera. SERIOUS !


one of the activities when we visited Taipei – Dinner with my  buddybuddy LEO 廖人帥 (OUTERSPACE/CIRCUS) and talked about plans and projects… almost every visit to Taipei….i will had at least ONE Thai food for dinner or lunch….yummmy….(why Thai food is so yummy in Taiwan ?!?) Last time SQUAD bought me to Thai resturant @ … Continue reading


anyone wanna see this in Vancouver ?