one of the activities when we visited Taipei – Dinner with my  buddybuddy LEO 廖人帥 (OUTERSPACE/CIRCUS) and talked about plans and projects…

almost every visit to Taipei….i will had at least ONE Thai food for dinner or lunch….yummmy….(why Thai food is so yummy in Taiwan ?!?)

Last time SQUAD bought me to Thai resturant @ Xi Men Ding…

and the previous times….STAY REAL’s crew usually bring me to 非常泰 and this time we came to this one….sorry i forgot the name…what is the name LEO ???

and everyone of them (STAYREAL, OUTERSPACE, SQUAD) know that i love this dishes….hahaha..月亮蝦餅 !

thanks for the dinner LEO, and the XLARGE x OUTERSPACE t-shirt series….really loving it ! hope for the great success and also our Trip to the states next year ! =)

3 Responses to “Dinner w/ LEO 廖人帥 (OUTERSPACE/CIRCUS)”
  1. Wesley says:

    haha i was just there a couple days ago!!

  2. Andy says:

    Time to loose weight tony~

  3. JEAN says:

    xlarge is so crappy, only Jason chan wears it cuz he can’t afford real bape.

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