you got one ? i mean the SONY camera , NEX-5 ? we are accepting pre-order (we probably won’t carry it coz its very specific items, please email for orders and inquires)


the hottest item, now on OVERDOPE, and its available (almost sold out in Vancouver stores) there still some online ! GO !


Philippine police have stormed a hijacked bus and shot dead a former officer who had killed eight Chinese tourists after taking them hostage. As the day-long siege in Manila came to a bloody end, TV images showed some hostages crawling from the bus while emergency crews removed bodies. A former policeman armed with an assault … Continue reading

Youth In Revolt – Portia doubleday

busy working and need a break, (already went on vacations so i cannot leave anymore hahaha) so i rent a movie…by Michael Cera (he is funny i do think….hahaa) – The Youth in Revolt… Surprisingly its not a bad movie, its funny and yet entertaining (well it slousy but u know the story is quite … Continue reading

Silly “Bape” Thing

a brand new project by TK’s SILLYTHING  – ” SILLY BAPE THING”….sounds very interesting.. its a project by SILLY THING re-created the best APE “classic” design and got the original BAPE supporters to featuring…like Jan Lamb Shawn YU Wing Shya as the series’s photographer…. VERY EXCITED !

DuDu x NEX3 x Superbored Apparel Fall/Winter

a quick photoshoot day (2hours) considering thats shot for half of the season of SBF’s fall and winter collection….I wanna try shooting the whole thing just with NEX-3….see how it goes… show you guys more photos later…its a great camera. SERIOUS !


one of the activities when we visited Taipei – Dinner with my  buddybuddy LEO 廖人帥 (OUTERSPACE/CIRCUS) and talked about plans and projects… almost every visit to Taipei….i will had at least ONE Thai food for dinner or lunch….yummmy….(why Thai food is so yummy in Taiwan ?!?) Last time SQUAD bought me to Thai resturant @ … Continue reading


anyone wanna see this in Vancouver ?

陳奕迅 X 露雲娜 =《講男講女》

作曲:伍仲衡 填詞:藍奕邦 編曲:Richard Yuen 監製:Joseph Ip 男共女的事 總有人偏私 未花光心智 人便透支 男共女的事 深究無意義 或有可能慢慢地去摸索便成事 戀愛不見得叫人坐不安心怯慌 並沒耐性預計失望 只想可與她吃和喝 倦極睡到不見陽光 誰亦說得易 得我在反思 共他的相處 如像對峙 誰亦有本事 戀到傻痴痴 若你堅持善用在你心那份童稚 如講起戀愛這課題我不需跟你一般見地 如擠身戀愛中我和對方亦沒法分出勝利 假使只願每刻講道理 神經也枯死 忘記去照顧眼口耳鼻 就當參加遊戲 場中各施各法術與秘技 早已不記得幼時與他怎瘋與癲 現時面臨萬個考驗 猜測爭拗中經營這家室 獨個操控場面 其實有些事 不說便不知 或者不該說 愛是懷疑 (愛是懷疑) 還是你不知 戀到傻痴痴 沒法解讀 浪漫後再相處是何事 如講起戀愛這課題我不需跟你一般見地 如擠身戀愛中我和對方亦沒法分出勝利 假使只願每刻講道理 神經也枯死 忘記去照顧眼口耳鼻 就當參加遊戲 場中各施各法術與秘技 如講起戀愛這課題你不需跟我諸多顧忌 難得今天有充足時間坐下共你分享見地 即使愛著那位不是你 無需對不起 … Continue reading


both colorways are online now…. CITY OF LOVE CAPS : LA LOVE BY WRONGWROKS in original black/red colorways… I _ NY mesh caps… onlinenow !