Monster iD : Your Color, Your Style, Your name.


choose the hoody color you like, it can be regular hoody or triangle style hoodies…. pick the color, style, and size.


pick the color of your SPIKE, it can be different color or even different pattern.

Lots and lots of colorways on the chart, and also polkadots, patrick leaf, flowers….pattern…

noted that the scratch embriodery on the chest will be matching the color of your spike.

iD ?

Identity ! you can customize your hoody at the very last step to make it very personalized, your name or if this is a gift, your lover’s name, your best friend, surprised them with your designed !

ORDERED NOW! @ SUPERBORED (1701 west 4th ave, vancouver bc, Canada) 9/19
ordered on webstore (from 9/20) ,


One Response to “Monster iD : Your Color, Your Style, Your name.”
  1. Karen says:

    I want one!! can I order one if I’m from Chile?
    That’s like… the other side of the world >.<

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