finally, the numerous preview is over, here is the release, tomorrow we will release this special figure @ SHOPAHOLIC’s grand opening, be the first to get them, Hong Kong has very limited quantities. SHOPAHOLIC – HK WRONGWROKS STORE – 9/28 3:00 pm Grand opening party 香港銅鑼灣記利佐治街銅鑼灣地帶 160舖 (地鐵站E出口) Shop no.160, 1/F, Causeway Place, No.2-10 Great … Continue reading


tomorrow we will have the grand opening party 9/28 @ 3:00 pm , opening reception from 3 – 5pm… and here is the opening guest list….be there early or you might not even able to get close to the shop…its a small shop =P ….anyways, we will have our special guest , the super model … Continue reading

林一峰 private concert

Chet Lam’s private concert @ ART CENTER….and of course, im one of the VIP guest HAHA =P long time up since couple hours ago, im just here about 5 mins and ready to go in….(some vip privilege) endless line up….all Chet’s loyal fans…this is a private event, outsider has no idea.. Chet, you still owe … Continue reading


hsa been waiting to see this movie for the longest time…. and we watched it tonight… 話說我和朋友去看電影. 地點是旺角的百老匯戲院. 看後感是戲非常好看, 但被很多在場的觀眾騷擾; 令我們看得都很不高興. 電話響聲不斷. 還大聲的說自己家事. 最前排兩行人有爭執, 貌似是掉了東西要搜別人的包包. 超多人離座自出自入的.. 在電影的最後段, 陳真打日本鬼的一幕. 家愁國恨. 電光火石的一剎那. 慢鏡的畫面, 音樂在凝住狀態, 突然有人手機大聲的響!!! “NOBODY NOBODY BUT YOU !….I WANT NO BODY NO BODY NO BODY….” … and my friend was very pissed off and (we … Continue reading

ModelOne + Michelin Resturant.

meeting with our long term partners – Model one, the directors behind JESSICA C. we went to one of the top rated “Michelin” resturant – Hong Chau (韓洲) ..and of course, its 韓洲菜 ! so before we ate, i acutally asked ” what is 韓洲菜 taste like ? like what is so special….they couldn’t really … Continue reading

Mid Autumn Festival

成6年冇係香港過中秋, 估唔到依家中秋節好似慶祝聖誕節咁, 會講”中秋節快樂”…最估唔到今年第一個同我講”中秋節快樂”.嘅係.. 謝安琪..!