Since the Hong Kong store release…. we haven’t really released the Peekaboo vinyl and lots of people wonder why….welll coz we are waiting a good time, which is our new store SUPERBORED RICHMOND’s opening! i think its better to celebrate everything together ! here is Howard from How2work , the master who did all the coolest vinyl….. =) Thanks Howard !

Mickey , another master of my career path ! hahaha….thanks boss, your support and your help along the way is very important !

Jessica C. the first female to kiss Peekaboo…(well only her so far….)

peekaboo are all happy taken pics with super model – JESSICA C.

蝴蝶姐姐 – Another superstar from TAiwan…she loves Peekaboo too !

Kay Tse 謝安琪 , the first to act like Peekaboo and taken the poloarid ! thanks Kay ! and of coz ah Vi !

i like both !

Chetlam and his sister Eman ! (if your brother is going to give you or you gonna robbed his too…im not sure..)

i guessed Chet successfully taken his original one ~

糖妹 KANDY @ 糖兄妹 , she is not too nice right now if you gonna take her toy….

but she is very cute and nice most of the time….

Tele-Fung @ 糖兄妹 !

tomorrow at superbored, available, at early bird prices too…(shi……secret !)

they actually went to Beijing , the GREAT WALL for photoshoot…

well since they only got one impression ! im sure they are scared coz its too high up there but they have to pretend calm with smile !






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