finally it’s OPEN ! Our new location is way bigger, way nicer…and very convinent for most of you guys !

at the very front, we have a huge display on the wall featuring KANDY ( SUGAR CLUB) x WRK5 Poster…. also our new brand in the house – NATIVE !

bigger store…more item can be display….Peekaboo figure, Kandy x WRKS T-shirts, Kandy Cd….Wooden Iphone4 Case…everything that you needed for your everday life…its all at SUPERBORED RICHMOND….

now, we have little closet for every single brand….from Stay Real , Chocoolate, AES, Squad…..

Home Town, Stage, Chapel, Superbored Apparel Femme….

and of course, WRONGWROKS….Cap Display Stand….cool ?

before the line up happens….some local media press / interviews…about the new store…

ok…so near the opening time…prior to 45 mins….we got a line up from the door along the plaza…

door opens….our bouncer – IAN ! (he loved the opening tee! hahaha right IAN!)

the center stage for WRONGWROKS / WRK5 !

it start fills up…..after the line up came in…its PACKED…

a better view from the store front angle…..huge center stage for WRONGWROKS / WRK5

on the other side of the shop…OUTERSPACE / LITTLE SECRET !

and then….problems….what is this people doing? this is the line up to cashier….the girl with the adidas jacket (where she stands…) takes about 30 mins to pay her items….and the line up actually went to the front door…and what happen ?

Customer A : “HEy Tony, do u have more than one checkout?”

Customer B : “Tony, you should have a SELF – CHECKOUT”

me : “we are not super-store….”  (SUPER STORE is a local GIANT super market….)

and then our “ENVY x WRKS” model (AKA TVB Actress) Lorretta Chow (周美欣) show up with her sister! of coz another photo opportunity !

Anyways…Thanks for coming even you are super sick…i hope u liked what you have bought !

our photographer ERIN’s snap shot of me slacking off after the store close…….super tired…

i hope everyone enjoy and come down visiting us soon !

SUPERBORED RICHMOND .  Unit 160 – 4811 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC, Canada (604)873-2293

  1. jj says:

    big congrats on ur richmond store opening!!best withes to u man n hopefully u guys will be carrying more and more brands soon!

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