WRK5 TEE #2 – The Darkside of Yourself.

WRK5#2 –  The Dark side of your self. “imagination is more important than knowledge” Imagine the brain is not how it looks, imagine its like another human skull in there, imagine he is always facing the other side, where as always the facing backwards, when you agree, he disagree, when you think you want it, … Continue reading

“LIMITED EDITION” – Redefined by WRK5.

Beside the 1. “premium” printing quality 2. made in vancouver 3. Supported by American Apparel unisex 100% cotton T-shirts. we also have the very unique thing that “Limited Edition” has been defined for. A REAL LIMITED EDITION NUMBERED T-shirts in WRK5. each t-shirt in WRK5 is numbered, each edition is printed for 50 pcs worldwide. … Continue reading

WRK5 TEE #1 – Matrix Code Eisten

For the first series of WRK5 T-shirts collection, we are releasing 4 styles,  the first one we called it Matrix Code Eisten … which is an idea from the QR CODE. What is QR code ? Common in Japan, where it was created by Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave in 1994, the QR code is one of … Continue reading

WRK5 – Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Let me introduce a new line, a new label, a new page of WRONGWROKS : The WRK5. since 2005, WRONGWROKS have been doing art and clothing for 5 years , at some point, i think we need to create something new something striking again, we don’t need another Mona Lisa Ripped Off, or Nat, or … Continue reading