New release this time with lots of goodies….

the WRK5 Tees… the Dark side of yourself..

the Eisten….matrix Code…

WRK5 – Logo sweatpants…

back of the grey one…..


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besides the WRK5 premium T-shirt line, we also have the UPGRADE mesh caps for the WRK5 collection…

we have this design in the first release ” WORKAHOLIC . WRONGWROKS” Style comes in premum soft foam material and with embriodery triangles on left side of the side mesh.

comes with the new Chinese Stamp logo “SUPERBORED” at the back of the mesh.

nice and clean design. Also comes in all black coloway.

all black makes the reflective triangle even shinny !

so nice….


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the Workaholic has already all sold out in the store…so if you still looking for that, either come down signing up for the wait list or considering this one….(we actually not prepared to release this so soon but the Workaholic has completely gone so……..we need to put out another style….)

like the Workaholic Mesh cap we have side panel cut down and with reflective triangles embroidery on the side…this is super cool !

for the back of the mesh cap , we have the Chinese SUPERBORED logo on the back of the mesh….like a stamp….this red and black colorways are so sick ! If you want something simple and more original colors, we of course have the black and white style as usual…

black and white style…


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Let me introduce the all new hoody for this winter – The “Music Hoody” .

what is Music Hoody ?

A hoody with built in headphones, where as the 2 strap on the hood is actually a pair of “headphone”. Produced by HoodieBuddie !

Where is the music come from ?

Your ipod, iphone, mp3 player, any music or mobile device.

How do i listen to the music from my ipod with the hoody then ?

Each “music hoody” comes with a standard headphone jack in the front pocket that plugs into any headphone – compatible device.

Can i wash my hoody ?

Yes, the ear phone, headphone jack is all WASHABLE.

Comes in Grey / Black colorway, sizes from S – XL (model wearing SMALL)

Hoody produced by  the HoodieBuddie, using patent-pending HB3Technology™. Thanks for making this happen !


check it out and SHOP ONLINE NOW !


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