“A Message From Peekaboo” Hoody. 12/3 – 12/25

another surprise for this christmas…. after the hype of “MONSTER ID” , WRONGWROKS are bringing you another “ID” for this christmas….thinking what to give your beloved one ? or someone special ? here is the answer.

from 11/30 (tuesday) to 12/25 ! we will be accepting orders for this “A MESSAGE FROM PEEKABOO” hoody….something special made for your special one.

how does this work ?

1. Pick your favorite Color of “HIDDING BOO HOODY” – (red / Charcoal / purple)

2. your message to your special one . (merry xmas, i love you, happy new year, i miss you, Whatever.) (yes you can put “whatever” in it , as long as its fitted)LOL  —> (on the left chest)

3. the name of the person u want to “gift” to …. (beside the pocket)

4. we will packed them nicely into a special package

5. ready for your “special one”.

6. this individual particular gift is customize, and only limited to 50 people. From 11/30 – 12/25 (12/25 will be the last day to do this)

7.  It takes about 10-12 business days to completed, that means it earliest you do, the earliest you will get it.

8. Men (S/M/L/XL) & Ladies…(XXS / XS)

starts tomorrow ! FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, once its FULL (50 people) we will not accepting orders because we might not able to finished all the orders before the Xmas / New Year !

each order will be package nicely and ready for your “special one” !

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