I SAID : “its our time to meet up, coz we have the same watch, Eason !”

my most favourable celebrity, singer or even actor…EASON CHAN, after 11 years, we have really meeting it on the stage . (Well we did met once on the street in causeway bay back to 2005…he couldn’t remember….)

eason wears WHITE NATIVE and also wHITE oclock ! (we still have couple at SUPERBORED !)

and then we met on stage and Eason actually saw my  Oclock (exact same color as him !) and of course his eye cannot take away from my STUSSY x NATIVE boots…..(i told him he cannot get it anywhere else, its all gone~)

he is making faces coz he likes mine better….

finally he smiled !

his gifts for me, thanks Eason

besides seeing Eason, matching his watch and native boots, seeing him wearing our DUO tee…..

also this fabulous photos i took 2 years ago in 903 LIVE CONCERT….


here is a video of what happen on the stage !


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