a long planned project, lots of meeting, lots of arrangment, design revise, contracts…finally…the show has started…. Eason Chan bought us a great show and lots of entertainment, i hope everyone enjoyed the show and also all the merchandise and designed we did together…Enjoy !

what made this special collab so special ? because beside Eason Chan’s own collabo with Jeremy Scott for the Hong Kong DUO concert, he didn’t do any collab with any DUO concerts around the world ( China, Singapore, Malaysia, LA, Las Vegas, toronto, sydney….)…we are the only authorized brand to collab with Eason Chan for the DUO world tour !

im very surprise when Eason took off his Jeremey Scott 2011 collection….its our collaborated DUO by WRONGWROKS tee…..this is awesome !

當我看到陳奕迅穿著我設計的DUO TEE唱”好久不見”時, 我真的非常感動….這次合作真的不枉此生。

Eason’s wearing our special tee appeared at the press conference !

from the volunteers to every single crew of the show, wearing our collab black/yellow tees….

besides our great gears, Eason has bought some of his amazing costume from Hong Kong….

amazing mood and performance by Eason

i love all those dissected “figure” dancing around, i want one of those display in my office !

besides the GOLD DUO , BLACK DUO, also we have regular WHITE / YELLOW DUO for sale during the concert at ROGERS ARENA, we are the first ever Chinese singer concert selling merchandise at ROGERS ARENA !

people started linging up at the retail booth…

and once people figured out the stuff is cool, its all packed….

are u there ?

DUO sales team !

working hard…



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