Lumix Phone ?

i always think we really need a CAMEREA – PHONE, iphone4 ‘s camera is awesome but what if its a REAL camera? it might do it the other way, a camera company putting out a PHONE, from LUMIX (GF-1 / GF-2 maker)….exciting…..but then it mightbe bad reception… can i phone x LUMIX ?!?! COME ON! … Continue reading

ADs in Tokyo

some ads i saw in Tokyo…. SMAP still alive?!! and this time for SOFTBANK cellular phone company…. as usual lots of billboards and advertising….this is my 5th or 6th new year eve spent in Tokyo….getting ready for the shopping and relaxing in Tokyo during the new year is just FUN this is the new PSP … Continue reading


this is not a new design, the reason we launch this AGAIN because, we think it really deserves more attention then it should be….hope Mandy “ 蔣文迪@LITTLE SECRET ‘s photo can help bringing the humor ! i sweat to god i didn’t take these on the bed with her ! im not sure who took it … Continue reading


Shibuya in the morning of new year 2011…. trying out my NEX3 camera….nice function from them… more…..i like this one the best…. and the first thing to do in the new year is watching this view and enjoying the brunch on top of Tokyo. some tilt shift, my favorite thing to do with these toys … Continue reading

New Year Eve 2011 . Tokyo Tower Count Down

This year’s new year eve, i spent it at the Tokyo Tower count down area ….1st time counting down with huge group crowd in Tokyo ! there is the helium ballon for the thousands and thousands of “count down crowd” haha Lots of people and everyone holding a helium ballon with written wishes (the green … Continue reading