MOS BURGER ‘s new identity

this time i visited Japan and i realized one of my fav. burger brand – MOS BURGER has totally changed their identity from a white/red sharp , (classic burger/fast food image) to a forrest green more european style identity.

menu is still the same….

and they had this on promotion ad everywhere when i was in Tokyo / Hokkaido … LIMITED EDITION BURGER

ONCE again, they reminded me outside the burger (before im eating it, like the police yellow crossing lines at the crime scenes !) OK I KNOW ITS LIMITED, they should made the sticker eatable. haha

so i tried it…i think its alright, i didn’t feel the fries stack above the meat…hmmmmm…i like their shrimp burger better still haha

One Response to “MOS BURGER ‘s new identity”
  1. 小奧 says:

    what else can i say? you are always lucky n wealthy!!

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