Road Trip

we planned the road trip in Hokkaido, but hey u know its easy to plan it but hard to do it ! esp in this kind of weather condition ! snowing everyday and you can highway one by one shutting down due to the heavy snowing…

i know, you might think all photos are white, snow, landscape, but let me tell you, its so beautiful, its very very nice, photo can only show this much, i don’t care about GF-1, Nex3 or even the leica, we need to witness this with our eye, yes HUMAN EYEs.

our partner !

this telling you, im shooting this pic with GF-1 coz he is not in it. LOL

willages, imagine they are living here ALL the time, what happen when u wake up everyday and its snowing all the time, cannot go anywhere, for the entire winter ? i  miss vancouver !

my new collection !

this village is fancy, check it out

ginger bread house in real life !!

this only happens in the movies ! so romantic, and so fairly tale like….so amazing.

how do i found out this village? let me tell you, i think the best thing about road trip is…u planned it “roughly” …like not really planning it PLACE A to PLACE B, and then to PLACE C, let say you are going to Furano today, just pick up a map andsee where u wanna go, and then make sure at the end of the day, u head to the hotel LOL….. =P (trust me its so chill and its fun coz its very much like an adventure !)

snowboarding or ski is CRAZY in this mountain !

its getting dark and yet its soooo quiet, i love listening to the wind and you know what? do u ever heard about the sound of “falling snow?”  you can pick up those “sound” when its THIS QUIET.

chirashi don , my dinner haha 2500 Yen, its alright !

share more later !


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