I have been to the Shibuya, Shinjuku JR station….its big and busy, what about the Furano JR station, very small and simple…you can just walk into the railways….seeing an old japan is as fun as seeing the contemporary one.

old style…

we have seen the  real penguin, here is the fake ones….still gorgeous

another “MUST DO” in Furano, or i mean Hokkaido, is their MILK, anywhere, even vending machine, i heard coz their cow has the best place to live and the best grass…well it does taste very good ! (i mean the milk !)

the entrance of getting into the hot spring, u better know this before u entered, coz its all naked behind the door ! there is no chance of “mistake” well i mean u might got caught to the police station or whatever, its not gonna be fun. All the hot sprint will switch the men / women place in the morning so u get to take turns to enjoy each side (its different) .

well what else beside hot spring in old style “HOTEL”, old acarde, i missed all this ! its simple yet wakening all the childhood memories…YEAH this is what i played when i was a kid

not this one, this is what i played in iphone4, hahahhahahaha real thing is much better !

what is this ? this is box (cup) noodle in Convinent store….with instant sausage….we had road trip so we decided to just stop by a (7-11) and buy whatever instant and read magazines ! its quite fun too !



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