WRONGWROKS iphone4 stickers 2011

finally, i promised it will be online this week and it will be on the webstore with all the other goodies too….sorry we are planning a NEW WEBSTORE for wrongwroks, so its been hectic with meetings and upgrades…but you will see our hard work soon…. !

this is an envelope….look at this

its fun right ! SUPERBORED ! hahaha

be realistic, we need iphone4 battery as much as this skin !

i rarely on the blog myself, but today i got caught talking on the phone using my iphone4 without the backing…so i guess i have to revealed the secret….

You might wonder what is inside the iphone4….or like….”is it possible to change the battery ?”

the answer is yes…its actually with a nokia battery and a 3A Battery….very simple, well thas why its very heavy..

this is typical , u know peekaboo got fans nomatter what design…

(noted that the skin is for the back only, the front is just printed side by side with the skin, for decoration only , well …you can put it on your phone too but it will block the entire front ! haha)

how does this one work ?

just put it on and it looks like u listening on the other side ! hahahhahahahahah….MARI is cute enough to show on both side isn’t it !?

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