APPLE CEO : Steve Jobs , last six weeks to live ????

Unconfirmed reports that Mac daddy Steve Jobs has just six weeks to live likely won’t affect Apple’s stock prices today — and not just because investors don’t trust the source, the National Enquirer.

Analysts told the Herald that while the Apple CEO may be the face — and voice — of the company, the genius entrepreneur has made it into a self-sustaining entity.

“He’s probably, knowing his time was short, sketched out ideas that are beyond the scope of the current road map,” said Roger Kay of Wayland-based Endpoint Technologies. “He probably did the kind of sketching for people like DaVinci.”

The supermarket tabloid began publishing purported photos of Jobs on Wednesday showing him emaciated and outside the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto on Feb. 8 and claimed the 6-foot-2 Jobs is a skeletal 130 pounds with just six weeks to live. Jobs, 55, has taken three medical leaves since 2004, when he was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer. He had a liver transplant in 2009 and announced another leave of absence last month.

Carl D. Howe, a tech market analyst at the Boston-based Yankee Group, said reports of Jobs’ grim health will probably have the same minimal effect on Apple’s stock price as news of his medical leave.

“You don’t run a $60 billion company with one person, no matter how much it makes for a good story,” Howe said. “This is about a culture more than a person.”

Word of Jobs’ latest medical leave did put a short-term drag on Apple’s stock, but news of major quarterly gains quickly reversed any damage.

Jobs’ unique powers of persuasion, which have landed him unprecedented deals with cell phone carriers and the music industry, are skills unique to him, Kay said.

“No one else in the world can do that,” Kay said, adding that, “he’s already living on borrowed time according to medical averages.”


i will pray for you Steve, i hope u will be fine.




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