Manhattan Portage @ SUPERBORED !

the first time i bought Manhattan Portage (MP) back to 2000, i was in NY travelling and i went into a store and saw a series of MP displaying beautifully in the store…..i bought a small traveller style shoulder bag…. i never thought about carrying MP in SUPERBORED , but here you go, we will be carrying MP exclusively in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Enjoy !

Manhattan Portage(マンハッタンポーテージ)! aka the ORIGINAL  NEW YORKER MESSENGER BAG featuring SPECIAL spokesperson  SHOW LUO 羅志祥!小豬~

This is the white classic messenger bag, it’s made form Vinyl, so it’s very easy to clean, not getting dirty easily!

See how SHOW LUO rocking in it!

also we have this Tradition Biker Messenger in Camouflage!

We got this messenger bag Show LUO is carrying in RED and BLACK. it’s good for school, work~ and especially those peeps need to commute by public transits everyday~ you need a messenger bag to carry all your stuff~~ lap top, books, and stuffss~

we have this small style messenger, it’s good for weekend outing, carrying small amount of stuffs like wallet, keys, phones or camera.

Also we got different selection on small pouches, it fits most compact camera, iphone , blackberry, big enough for NDS as well!

you may attach it to the strap, or just hang it on the side

Here is some information about this messenger bag!

There was a simple philosophy that Manhattan Portage set out to achieve back in 1983, “A Bag For Everyone.” Twenty Five years later it is certainly ringing true.

From Montreal to Melbourne, Osaka to Oslo, and Stockholm to San Francisco, Manhattan Portage’s line of bags are indeed everywhere and carried by everyone.

Despite their sweeping global popularity, Manhattan Portage remains loyal to their NYC roots. This 25-year lifespan in the volatile fashion world, and in a town that embraces the designer-of-the-moment but does not suffer has-beens, is no small feat. Manhattan Portage has been able to avoid becoming another fleeting fad and withstand the test of time because their bags do.


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