Fuji X100 in hand !

the wait is over….why this camera is becoming a “hard to find” ?

According to a reliable source, X100 production has been temporarily halted and no new X100’s will be available worldwide until late this year.  emoticon - sad.

For now, the all black X100 has been scraped.

While Fujifilm noted it had not received any reports of staff injuries, a press release issued by its UK branch (and mirrored by a later Japanese-language release) confirmed the parent company’s Taiwa-Cho factory (responsible for production of the fixed-lens, APS-C sensor shod X100 digital camera) had sustained damage. This has necessitated a temporary halt in production of the Fuji X100 and the company is working to resume production as soon as possible. With the exception of a one-week delay in shipping the FinePix T300 in the Japanese market, the rest of Fuji’s digital camera production is unaffected. In addition to the X100 production delay, the company’s head-office issued a Japanese-language press release noting the Japanese market’s service and support facilities have sustained damage, which has required a temporary relocation of these functions to other facilities.

now u know why this is hard to get, its almost immpossible coz it has stopped the production due to the earthquake and tsunami !

i tried hard and i finally get it….i mean you can still get it later, some point, its gonna be availble even in london drugs or future shop…

but shooting like nobody else has , its great.

Your photo just looks 10X better ! (this is not a photo, its a reflection !) share more photos later (that i shot using this camera ! not the body !)


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