AX3 SugarClub Exclusive Interview




When the increasingly popular Sugar Club 糖兄妹 popped into town for their Playroom Live Concert, the AX3 team had the lucky opportunity to sit down and chat with them about their musical journey thus far. In our interview, we got a first-hand account of their story – from their humble beginnings to traveling across the Pacific for their very first overseas concert in Vancouver. They also let us in on their upcoming plans, including a collaboration with one of their favourite artists!

For those who are not familiar with Sugar Club 糖兄妹, they are a Hong Kong singer-songwriter group comprised of two members: Kandy (糖妹) and Fung (糖兄). Since their formation in 2008, the duo have performed live at various shopping malls with Kandy being the lead singer and Fung as the guitarist. In 2009, they began writing and producing their own songs together, and finally released their first full album I Love Sugar Club (我最愛糖兄妹) in 2010.

It was definitely a pleasure to witness Kandy’s bubbly personality along with Fung’s humour in person. Check out the talented duo in the interview below!

To read the entire interview :



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