SUPERBORED & 糖兄妹 @ 將太


將太 located at beautiful kerrisdale with the best neighborhood….cannot expect more…quiet and comfy environment…

and sashimi is amazing good…just let the photo tell the story…well visually only, go and try it when you have time ! i mean NOW !

the rolls are amazing, u see the mango? and the black sesame rolls ? its real mango sauce on top and its REAL sesame sauce on top of the rolls. 5 star michelin level ! i wanna go back !!! JIMMY !

ok if you think just ME enjoying having Japanese food there? wait a minute…look at KANDY ! OYSTER !

tuni sashimi…speechless…i wonder what kind of sauce is it…

beef sashimi came and thas the most anxious moment for the night, its super good. Too bad Kandy, you can only have one HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAA

and then after tons of good dishes, the dessert is….. can anyone tell me why there is such good tiramisu in a Japanese resturant ???? its better than lots of DESSERT SHOP out there….i might just go there for this… (jk, i will definetely order sushi and rolls hahahahhahhaha)

kandy is happy

將太’s owner – JIMMY is super nice and invited us to try their premium dishes in 將太 ! (west 41st Ave)

(from left to right, FUNG (SUGARCLUB) + ME + JIMMY + KANDY (SUGARCLUB)

and if u been this resturant you will see lots of celebrities or stars or hocky players autograph on top…and today JIMMY is inviting us to do a “SUPERBORED + SUGARCLUB” autograph and….drawing……

go and see it yourself when u visiting  將太 ! (even Sugarclub is claiming  將太 is the best japanese resturant so far in their LIST ! not vancouver i mean EVER !!!)

將太 . 5688 Yew Street, Vancouver, BC V6M 3Y3

(604) 263-8068



One Response to “SUPERBORED & 糖兄妹 @ 將太”
  1. Dee says:

    Please try Ajisai.

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