WRK5 “metallic” mesh caps.

our T-shirts collaboration with DAVID FLORES ‘s “flying peekaboo” is a great success and been selling so well around the world ! here is part 2 of the collabo ! What about “metallic” mesh cap ! COOL HUH!? we will release this at end of the week…..and full photos featured by RENEE L. !  


you gotta be kidding me ! seriously this is amazing! SARU is one of my favourite brand in the years….. did u guys watched TOKYO TRIBE before when we still reading BOON magazine every month ?! WOW ! when u type ” Boon Magazine” in Google, it shows my OWN photo ! TOP SEARCH ! … Continue reading


did you get to buy a pair of BAPE x ADIDAS ? i didn’t. this is the last chance ! 8/13 ! GO GO GO (there is a pair of black too !)