AKB48 – Eguchi Aimi (fake member)

When a new pop star joined Japanese Idol group AKB48 and subsequently starred in a Glico candy commercial, the fans fell in love with her instantaneously.  She was beautiful—her eyes popped, her nose, lips and hair were perfect.  She was too good to be true.

Literally.  Days after Eguchi Aimi was introduced to the world she was revealed as a fake—a CG composite, made up of the best facial features of six other members of AKB48.  Eguchi Aimi’s candy commercial, a video of how she was created and the news about this pop hoax are all spreading like wildfire.

The Glico candy commercial starring Eguchi Aimi has gotten over 725,000 views so far and a making of video has raked in close to 1 million views.  Check out the commercial spot below.  While Eguchi’s mouth does look a little bit strange when she eats the candy at the end, the CGI is basically undetectable if you don’t know that one of the girls in the video is fake.

One Response to “AKB48 – Eguchi Aimi (fake member)”
  1. tabahiko says:

    Hi, I performed dance”AKB48” at wedding party.
    AKB48 is very famous idol in Asia.
    I succeed to please guests.
    AKB48 has something attractive.

    Thank you.

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