its been quite awhile since the last release of sweatpants…..the last one we release was back to April/ May the Chinese “SUPERBORED” sweatpants….surprisingly that sweatpants have become the BEST selling sweatpants / items in this year so far……IM QUITE SURPRISE ! but HEY ! people loves it ! now we are putting another set of COOL sweatpants out ….WHAT IS THIS ?

when you see this set of 2 sweatpants looking at each other, what do you think ?  This one is called “EYES” sweatpants, where simply we have made sweatpants with EYES on it, while the girls one are looking on the RIGHT and the guys one are looking at the left side….so when you have your guy/girls beside it…make sure they are looking at each other not on the others ! hahahahhaha

“im rolling the pants…and where are you looking at ?”

both guys and girls come in BLACK / GREY colorways….

Grey is cute, black is COOL

front with a simple logo.

girls with smaller eyes but hey ! girls are shy @_@”’

shy but still looking at…….

in SUPERBORED RICHMOND STORE today (already in ! don’t wait it went out on color or sizes !!!)  ON WRONGWROKS WEBSTORE TOMORROW !


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