see how detail it is printed on the shirt, can you count how many colors are there ? (this is not a computer image, this is the real photo from a printed T-shirts !)       another series for this summer …..ARMY, the word “ARMY” has been playing on lots and lots of t-shirt … Continue reading


i have been a crazy “BAG” collector, i have over 100+ backs, tote, backpack, small, big, medium, travelling, shopping, working, up to may be 20 – 30 brands….all kind of bags and i have been loving VISVIM’s backpack esp the 20L version today a new HERSCHEL shipment arrived at SUPERBORED and one of my favorite … Continue reading

The Fitzimmons “boots” is back !

are u one of the fan who couldnt get your “SIZE”  last year ? are u one of the fan who couldnt get your “COLOR”  last year ? or … you didn’t even able to choose or see what it is AT ALL ? your chance is coming, stay tuned for 10 colorways NATIVE Fitzimmons … Continue reading

鍾一憲.麥貝夷 : 勾手指尾

check out my friend 麥貝夷Karene ‘s new song with Jason….check it out… i met 麥貝夷Karene in Hong Kong in April this year, when i have a meeting with her comapny back then (same company as RENEE ) thanks for the cd again and im happy you got a HIT SONG this time ! yeah !