i have been a crazy “BAG” collector, i have over 100+ backs, tote, backpack, small, big, medium, travelling, shopping, working, up to may be 20 – 30 brands….all kind of bags and i have been loving VISVIM’s backpack esp the 20L version

today a new HERSCHEL shipment arrived at SUPERBORED and one of my favorite backpack is here from HERSCHEL , the VILLAGE style .

it comes in 3 colorways, (i got the BLACK, leather base style) ,im just loving the white waterproof zipper on the front with the leather base and nylon style all around….

after wearing it for a day with my laptop and over 7-10 pounds of documents and files……(working mode) the back support is very good and strong pad cushion design is really helpful….im loving this newVILLAGE style bag….

im using this today and here i put this in my truck during my back home…. i know everyone wants a ideal backpack from visvim.

Hey, a visvim backpack is at least 500-700.00 USD

HERSCHEL’s village backpack is only about 100-110.00 ?  im a VISVIM backpack user and i m feeling this style too ! WOW !


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