Google x Motorola

Google Is Buying Motorola Crazy news just in—Google is acquiring the handset division of Motorola, Motorola Mobility, for $12.5 billion. This means Google could soon officially in the hardware business. Could, because the deal has to pass regulatory scrutiny from governments around the world plus the eyeballs of Motorola’s shareholders. But should that all clear, … Continue reading

廚房仔 x 陳冠希 x MC仁 = PARTY LIKE WE DO #2 !

Party Like We Do Part.2 (Party Mix) ft: EDC & MC YAN 作曲: DJ Hiro 填詞: Chef廚房仔 / Edison Chen / MC仁 編曲: DJ Hiro 監制: Edison Chen / MC仁 (Edison) 我個名係陳冠希 經過咁多Bull Shit我好似仲未死 捱生捱死依然仲要周庶飛 我嘅指數跌到零而家只有可以起 以前日日Party 而家錄啲音樂令到Party啲人企起 去完地獄返嚟 總會有啲大大哋 唔使落Club已經好High 寧願返屋企 無謂你哋喺度跳我喺度企 你喺度蔑 我理尻你 我喺度笑 你以為我喺度屌 無時間同你玩 今晚返屋企吔飯 而家我有廚房仔喺Party同啲女un un un 家陣有個公主警告啲女 唔使再搵搵搵 我 … Continue reading

APPLE “spaceship” headquarter campus

The relocation of Apple’s flagship headquarters from Cupertino’s Infinity Loop to a grassy 150 acres has been the talk of Silicon Valley. Freshly released details include the commission of United Kingdom architects Foster + Partners in tandem with ARUP North America and Kier & Wright, a local civil engineering firm that counts the likes of eBay and … Continue reading