here is some late upload but hey today is real busy…..and hello to burnaby ‘s SUPERBORED STORE !

people start lining up at 11:30 am….yes like almost 4 hours before the shop opens…..i cannot believed it……but i really thanks everyone’s support…look…

at about 1:30 i start seeing lots of people from my blurry glass (hey its covered with polkadots…)

people are start lining up crazy…and it has to stopped at in the middle coz it was blocking the hallway and continue on the other end…

check, at about 2:30 we have over 50 people lining up….o m g

our media crew is here, edwin from AX3 and Nick and his team from VKK ! awesome crew with super professional gears….its like HOLLYWOOD shooting man.

guessed who is the special guest before everyone else….WHAT8VER’s flower….. THANKS For all the bosses ‘s support !

ok…here is some photos of the store ….inside….we decorated with the new guy “MR.WR!”‘s ballons..he is fun ! so happy !

a very small store with lots of goodies……its for the fans in burnaby ! i mean if you have time of course you should visit Richmond store for bigger selection !

wrongwroks cap display

lots and lots of caps….even the newest ones with SQUAD

glass display with our collab with ROBERU, and Manhattan Portage from New York…

the golden boy

3:00 pm, people is coming in and start shopping

the other side of the store, Manhattan Portage huge display with Herschel selection…. our new T-shirt display…and also more limited edition rhinestone caps.

lots of new t-shirts, and hoodies from STAY REAL, mercibeaucoup, and wrongwroks, AES, SQUAD.

our best “shoe” seller…NATIVE fitzmmons.

our neighbour in richmond, WELL TEA is here of course ! not just the flower ! but all the bosses! hahahahaha

if you missed all these, come and shop now here is some information for both stores.


Unit 160, 4811 Hazelbridge way,

Richmond, BC, Canada

V6X 3K7

TEL: 1-604-873-2293

Monday – Sunday 1:00 – 7:00 PM


Unit 2811, 4500 kingsway,

Crystal Mall,

Burnaby, BC, Canada

TEL : 1-604-282-7290

Monday – Sunday 11:30 – 6:30 PM

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