Vegas . Magic

actually our crew went to Las Vegas ‘s MAGIC show just right before the burnaby grand opening……(crazy) anyways, here is the view in my deluxe room in ARIA…. after the hot bath and enjoying the view with a glass of milk….fantastic.

day time view is not bad too

ofcoz visiting our buddy NATIVE’s booth…getting big. not just the booth, the name too.

this years show is just….soso.

herschel is ruling now, you can tell. (by the way, village is soldout, again)

everytime i come to Vegas, there is party at STUSSY, and this time is a photo exhibition (this is Eddie Cruz, the owner of UNDEFEATED)


Vegas’s UNDFTD store, i visited few times a year, everyone knows about me now haha

people is getting drunk lol

also went to CAPSULE….even smaller show

do you know who is this guy ? people been following him and taking photos, i have no clue …. anyone ?

where the money goes

oclock need more creative ideas….

One Response to “Vegas . Magic”
  1. 小奧 says:

    you are a magic as well! hehe

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