WRKS 1st China Store @ Beijing Sanlitun 北京三里屯

after 16 months of preparation, planning, welcome to our first WRONGWROKS original store (co-store with STUSSY beijing) in China.

with almost everything we have in Vancouver’s SUPERBORED, our Sanlitun store will have the most updated products for the fans in China.

exclusive items will also be available at the new store!

all caps, collabs project and even rhinestone caps.

not only t-shirts, all cut and sew are available in our Beijing Store.

in store catalogue and portfolio of WRONGWROKS are available in the store with simplified chinese descriptions.

of course we got the LEOPARD SHOES (all sold out online and in all superbored stores)

store front, our original store co-brand with STUSSY BEIJING .

if you cannot find it now online or in SANLITUN’s website, it will be updated later,  now just search under STUSSY !

view from inside.

graffiti writer did this for the STUSSY exhibition in store.

lots of selection !

dont’ forget to visit our store if you are in BEIJING !

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