Autumn (festival) in Beijing

another year spending “autumn festival” outside…. last year i spent it in Hong Kong…and this year im spending time with my Beijing crew and buddies…..of coz….even without autumn festival, Beijing’s resturant always have “湯圓” after the meal….

the tomato base hot pot just SO good…

a very famous and popular hot pot place in china..i heard they have over 100 shops in China now.

must for hot pot.

lots and lots of sauce…

almost spending everyday at Sanlitian……last time i came here was just for fun, this time im working here ! OMG !

but autumn coming Beijing really not bad, feels like Vancouver.

beside our great “meals” i also tried out what the local people (everyday working class) eat for their lunch, they called this “worker lunch pack” = $8.00 RMB , ( $1.3 CDN)…..believe me ! its alright !

and of course, i have lots and lots of buddies treating me different food everytime i goes there, especially when im in a “business trip” =P

wanted to watch this but really have no time.

doing interviews in the store….thanks KIDULTY CHINA magazine…..very professional questions and good preparation.

and i have my first photoshoot in beijing with our new beijing model – Queenie.

something we cannot avoid to have, spicy food in beijing…even with LITTLE SPICY, i cannot handle it.

yes, they called this “little spicy”. i cannot tell what im eating anymore, its just SPICY !

Enter the village, follow the custom : 入鄉隨俗 =P


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