i will not forget Sept 20,2011 ….because the BAPE PIRATE STORE OPENED JUST FOR ME ! ! YES ! ISN”T IT UNBELIEVABLE ?

let me shared this life time experience…..i was in Taipei during that period of time…and i wanted to go to the BAPE PIRATE STORE in taipei but i forgot where is it @_@”’ ( i haven’t been taipei for more than a year…) … and just so happened i was gonna have dinner with Mickey Huang 黃子佼 …. so we have dinner just behind BAPE….and what happen ….they closed…that was a store holiday for the year end……..OMG…so i cannot visit them…

so we had hotpot ….and just happened 黃子佼 called the owner of BAPE TAIPEI…

the owner of bape taipei actually reconized me once when i was in BAPE TAIPEI 2 years ago….this time she realized i was there and wasn’t able to make it to the store (coz i was leaving the other day’s morning flight…) and she joked about opening it for me to shop…..and of coz i wasn’t really thinking she was “SERIOUS”

and guessed what ! after dinner she called again and telling me the store is opened just for me to SHOP privately ! O M G

i followed bape since 1998…..and this moment is gonna make it for the life time….unbelievable…. @_@”’

黃子佼 and me ….he went inside while i was taking photos and the door locked him inside to create this funny photo…

we shop happily first in BAPE, only 2 of us…..

最後一天在台北本想逛 Bape 海盜店! 但是他們竟然休息! 幸好佼哥@黃子佼 知我很想逛! 打電話給老闆… 她知我明天一早離開… 竟然專門過來開店讓我私逛!!!!!!! 太不可思議了!! 沒想到Bape store 竟然夜開讓我shopping! 我看這輩子也不會再有這個機會!!!! 好感動!



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