Who is 吴仁惠 ?

YEAH! Who is 吴仁惠 ? ??? 第16届釜山国际电影节近日在釜山广域市海云台区佑洞电影殿堂举行,在开幕红地毯活动中,金荷娜、成侑利、严智媛、刘仁娜、朴诗妍、具惠善、吴仁惠、金素妍等众多女星们展开了各色各样的礼服大对决,大体可分为展现独特魅力的“个性派”和展现女性魅力的“性感派”。 当天,最为露骨的演员就是吴仁惠。吴仁惠出演的朴哲洙导演的作品《红色假期黑色婚礼》,应邀参展釜山国际电影节今日韩国电影单元。 吴仁惠通过“大曝”胸部和后背的橙色礼服,吸引了人们的视线。与清纯的短发造型形成对照,吴仁惠的礼服大胆露出了胸部和后背。在走红毯活动结束后,吴仁惠迅速登上各大网站搜索排行榜首位,引起关注。   NOW YOU KNOW ! SO WHAT? ?? well, nothing, just to let you know her name i guessed thats all this about, now you know there is a korean actress 吴仁惠 wore like this in the film festival, its pretty WOWW!!! NO ?     Advertisements

WW 6th Anniversary project #1 : IPHONE APP.

yes, its another year. its our 6th anniversary at the end of the month…and here is the project count down…first of all….IPHONE APP. more detail tomorrow. You Ready ?