SUPERBORED 3rd Anni. duffle baseball jacket (feat. KANDY)

OK, guys and girls, the wait is over.

in 2009, we have made a baseball jacket with SHADOWGRAPH, a taiwanese brand… we have made 70 of each style and it comes in black and red… it didn’t sold out immediately but it didn’t stay too long online or even in store…. and since then…all we got in the years, and these 2 years, we have been getting emails and emails and message, or comments in the blog about this STADIUM JACKET…

“when are you going to reproduce this ?”

“are these in stock soon ?”


endless questions and concerns…and here we go, this time we are releasing 3 colorways….(RED / BLACK / PURPLE) we will release photos of EACH color day by day…and at the end of the 3rd day (BLACK COLOR) we will release this online. and MAXIMUM 2 per person only ( each credit card can only purchase 2 jackets) have fun and enjoy this new style we have made for you guys.

thanks KANDY from Hong Kong featuring this jacket (it was SUPER HOT when we did this photoshoot, believed or not, it was taken back in APRIL! ) it takes us more than half year to make this with better quality, over and over  of sample, check, and QC, 2 more days ! =)


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