our G.E.M photos used by APPLE DAILY 蘋果日報’s C1 page!

my friend told me my photos were used by APPLE DAILY last night so i check it out on the website…..

and on the newspaper too…..

my friends keep messaging me about they didn’t give me credit or blah blah blah…..

WHO CARES ! its on the COVER of C1 man ! (its my 2nd time on C1 ! ) ….first time was Jessica C. with my full gear of WRongwroks got caught dating her bf in causeway bay ~

PS. don’t keep saying i shoot G.E.M the sexy way, please check out the entire album , they only picked on this 2 and didn’t use the other ones, i didn’t purposely showing this 2 only , right ? please see the “FULL PICTURE” before commenting my photo intension.

Calm down, its just concert photos. Right ?

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