this time the WRONGWROKS OUTDOOR SNOWBOARD PARKA is a totally brand new project for us, we have been planning this project about 8 months ago from choosing material, and finding a nice and good factory to do this jacket, since there is only few factory in Asia can do this inner tapping water / snow / wind proof jacket, we have spent lots of time finding it and testing it and getting nice color fabrics in first few month, and then getting the material, YKK zipper, color, sizing, and we finally have made this amazing jacket.

Details, with 3M material wrapping the wrist band and the circle little pocket on the front chest, it actually raises the awareness when you snowboarding or skiing up on the mountain, even everyday use of this jacket during biking or hiking its very functional with its “premium” windstopper material and heat insulation technology, it has bought this jacket a year all around jacket , it will fits your outdoor activities during snowing time, spring time (raining), summer time (at night with little chilly ) and autumn, crazy rainfall again. Don’t miss out this jacket because its a one time thing and we will not restock or reproduce this product. It will be an ONE OFF PROJECT.


是次 WRONGWROKS 2012 年度新發表的山系外套 特有自動調節身體溫度之效 纖密的潛水衣料材質 把人體的體溫一滴不漏地充份的鎖在外套裡頭
外套外層包了輕身無負擔的防水防風物料 把寒風狠狠的隔絕在外 外套裡頭使用的是高規格的貼布素材 產品的質素和剪裁 絕對能和各時尚品牌推出的高單價貼布外套有過之而無不及
今度 WRONGWROKS 出品的冬季系列之一的注目新作﹣高機能衡溫山系風衣 每一款的顏色都是 数量限定 每款每色絕對是各粉絲之間的 瞬間 ITEM 争奪戦!
本產品之保暖功能完備 百分百防水防風擋雨 絕密無縫貼布內裡 讓你任何時間都完全保持高度乾燥!
3M反光物料特別設計在胸前口袋和手腕位置 是最佳的滑雪和戶外活動的必備單品

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