Saints Row: The Third

i heard the new GTA is gonna be this : Saints Row: The Third i bought it..i will try and share more, if u never heard this game like me, here is the trailer ! go get it !

周董33歲生日 2800萬超跑給狗仔追 (FUNNY)

hahahhahaa i think sometimes the paparazzi don’t have to go after him, it has become his game now ! (May be try not to follow him, he will loose interest of buying the racing cars…=P )


not many streetwear made Girls- N-3B jacket, and since we are really “unisex” brand , we have specially made a cut and sizing to fits most asian girls….modelled by MOKKA and she is wearing a girls Medium. enjoy the photos below, again this jacket is now available on ONLINE STORE.

WRONGWROKS 2012 N-3B FAUX FUR PARKA JACKET! 超新品 2012 年度禦寒最強 ﹣ N3B 軍外套

yes ! ONE AFTER ONE ! this time is the legendary N-3B Jacket ! WRONGWROKS N3B comes with 2 colors : army green and navy! Comes in guys and girls sizing too please refer to the sizing chart HERE. (or the photos below) It made with 100% nylon and insulated layer along the jacket with native … Continue reading