Hello! I’m your mr. WRONG !

hmmmmmmm just some thoughts about finding MR. RIGHT …..

remember in 2008 , i post this ?



Posted by wrongwroks on December 25, 2008 · Leave a Comment (Edit)

Fiona Sit, not my favorite canto pop singer but hey i don’t hate her like most girls in Hong Kong =P … i do liked her, she has some really nice songs once in a while, but this time she got a really SWEET album…her newest album is calledSMILE, with very sweet voice (never heard) all over the album from track 1 – to the end…AND…

there is a song call 甜蜜蜜, wrote by WYMAN WONG, the “lryic” man in Hong Kong music industry, there is a line like this “忘記 Mr.Right , 愛Mr.Wrong 一次” (Forget Mr. Right, Love Mr. WRONG once) …”

and so…thas why we made this t-shirt…

comes in black and white, very basic, nothing fancy,  pick this up and show OFF!

available on wednesday 5/9/2012 . all stores and online ~



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